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Waiting Child: Corey
Age 13 (ages out in February)
Special Need: Hepatitis B

Corey lived with a foster family from the day he was found until 2009 when they were not able to care for him any longer. Corey is in the 6th grade and likes Math and English classes. He likes to play badminton and ping pong for fun. Corey is popular among his classmates and is always willing to help others. He is also popular amongst the younger children at the orphanage, and often leads them in playing games. They call him older brother and like him a lot. He is praised by his teachers as a good and sensible child. He is an intelligent child and is well loved at the orphanage and they hope he can have a happy home. There is a $5000 grant available through ASIA for him.

Waiting Child: Jake
Age 7 Years
Special Need: Mild Cerebral Palsy

Jake is a happy boy who is very social. He has good motor and language skills and takes direction well. Although when there was candy involved, it took a little more negotiation—the boy likes his sweets! He can focus on a task and also transition to other tasks when asked. He likes to be active. He is able to perform self care tasks on his own. Jake would thrive in a family of his own. Every time he saw us he would jump into his superhero poses to show off with his friends.

Waiting Child: Skippy
Age: 8 Years
Special Need: Cerebral Palsy

Skippy is a happy-go-lucky, cheerful and outgoing little boy. He functions quite well with all of his daily living tasks. He can sing songs and name his friends. He is a very friendly little boy who seems to have a very good outlook on life. He is left handed and can draw and write with that hand. He enjoys both gross and fine motor play. Skippy would make a great addition to a family who enjoys laughing and playing together. Skippy and Zeke seem to be very close friends, always together and smiling. He laughed at a picture we showed him of himself several weeks earlier with longer hair.

Waiting Child: Zeke
Age: 9 Years
Special Need: Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

Zeke is a very polite young boy. When we arrived to talk to him, he pulled over chairs for each of us and said “please sit down.” When I gave him a sticker, he drew a beautiful fish for me. He knows simple math, can write his name and recite poems. He is left handed and his favorite color is red. The ASIA staff taught him some English and he was able to repeat it. Whenever he saw us, he made a point of saying hello. He really wants to be adopted and he would make a great younger brother!

Waiting Child: Lillian
Age: 6 Years
Special Need: Blind

Lillian likes light, music and playing outside. She often presses her eyes with her fingers and shakes her hands in front of her eyes. She can walk on her own, but prefers to hold someone else’s hand for comfort. She can speak and imitates sneezing when her foster mother says “cold.”

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